The Firm’s activity focuses both on corporate and private advice. For this purpose basically four large groups of activities may be identified:



Upon request of the Client, a professional opinion will be issued, regarding any question or matter raised, referring to any of the areas that we work in. The purpose of the opinion can be preventive (to anticipate, initiate or avoid actions that may affect the client) or decisive (to clear up any doubts on questions which may arise in the development of their particular or professional life)



The Office has highly qualified professionals to advise the clients when contracting with themselves or with third parties, drafting, perusing, proposing or modifying the contract so that it is adapted in every moment to the needs of the clients.



Even before its incorporation, every firm or company must be advised by a specialist in a preventive way, to foresee the most adequate way to face future situations that will take place within the exercise of its activity.

By means of the preventive advising many undesirable situations can be avoided, or anticipated, should they be regarded as unavoidable, so as to know how to face them and minimizing any possible damage.

In addition to the preventive advising, continuous legal monitoring is performed during the life of the company, by means of a fast, reliable and professional answer to every inquiry that our clients may have. Likewise, We advise regarding the company end of life arrangements, guiding the client through the whole handling process.



If despite the preventive advising, or if because of the same, the litigation is unavoidable, this need will be assisted, at any point of the Spanish geography.

Our wide experience in this area, having worked in all Spain territory, has led us to work with a wide network of Law professionals (Proctors of the Courts) throughout the whole country, who significantly simplify our work.

This firm experience in arbitration courts is equally proven and wide.

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