Since its foundation, our firm´s wide experience and knowledge is at the service of both private and corporate clients, to assess them in an independent, preventive and effective way.

We give reliable legal advice to companies in any stage of their life, even before their incorporation.

Both Individuals and corporate advice is provided always following a preventive aim, in order to find in advance the best solution to future situations which may arise, of any kind.

Our aim, present in all our performances, is that each one of our clients feels safe and assisted, feeling that all the team is always involved at their service, to give professional, independent, and trustworthy legal support.

Our customers´ trust is our heritage, credited by their fidelity to our Law Office for decades in some cases. Such confidence has end up becoming one of the main channel with new customers, given that in most cases we are introduced by old clients to new ones, who wants to share our good services with associates, partners, relatives or friends.

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